All of the books featured at SALT Island Provisions are either written by local Florida Keys authors or feature photographs taken by local photographers.

“Twins of Nature”
by Jeffrey Cardenas

Twins of Nature is inspired by recent conservation agreements between Cuba and the United States, focusing specifically on the maritime environments of the Florida Keys and the Sister Sanctuaries of western Cuba.

“The Third Swimmer”
by Rosalind Brackenbury

The Third Swimmer is about a marriage between a young English couple, Olivia and Thomas. It begins on the brink of World War II, with London bracing ofr an invasion. Part Two opens in 1952, with the effects of the war still haunting the survivors. Thomas and Olivia have traveled to the south coast of France to have a long-delayed honeymoon. What follows is an act of improbable, desperate heroism, one that will determine the couple’s future.

“Como lo vemos a Usted”
By Jeffrey Cardenas & Yanela Piñeiro

Como lo vemos a Usted (How we see You) is a collaborative photographic portrait project between Jeffrey Cardenas and Yanela Piñeiro shot in Havana, Cuba that speaks of how two disparate photographers look at their subjects and how their subjects look back.