Lenny Addorisio & Marlene Koenig

Exhibition: March 1- 30 2018

Small Thoughts x 2

Lenny Addorisio & Marlene Koenig | Artists

Exhibition: March 1-30, 2018 Opening Reception: March 15, 2018 6-9PM
We're thrilled for this new collection of whimsical mixed media paintings by local artists Marlene Koenig and Lenny Addorisio.

“This show has been such a fun endeavor, especially showing with another artist and my dear friend Marlene,” Lenny says. “We feel very grateful to be represented in SALT and to be able to share our vision, art, and our friendship through these new works.”
Marlene Koenig grew up surrounded by art in the form of the patterns and shapes of her father’s blueprints and the colors and textures of her mother’s fabrics. Her pieces are ethereal and inspired by the divine within us all. Marlene’s work has been exhibited throughout the United States, from Miami to Brooklyn, and she has painted murals in myriad private homes, restaurants, and businesses in Key West. As well as being a visual artist, Marlene is a committed instructor teaching yoga and art all over the world.

“Whether my work is for a commercial space on a grand scale or featured in the more intimate setting of a gallery or home, my goal is always the same – to layer Spirit, ritual, and ornament,” Marlene explains. “It is my hope that the viewer of my art or the student in my classes takes away something to enhance their own journey and make a little more beautiful the path they have chosen and the world we live in.”

Lenny’s fun mixed media paintings are a combination of whimsical images overlaid with words that compel the viewer to reflect on the world around us.

“I’m always trying to seek and grow as a visual artist through my paintings with words, color, and composition,” Lenny explains. “Being a Key West artist for over twenty years, I still take great pleasure in being part of the community and always feel grateful to be able to explore and share my work. These new works are inspired, as always, by the outside world and my inside thoughts! They are small, colorful compositions, sometimes fueled with words that reflect the details of everyday life.”

White Elephant


Wait for Me


To The River


Night Sky




We Are Stars


We Need Nothing




Story of Eye


This Life


Remember Me


Indra's Web


In the Details


Nothing Ordinary