Martha Hubbard

Exhibition:  July 6 - August 2, 2017


Martha Hubbard | Chef & Photographer

Exhibition:  July 6 - August 2, 2017
In this collection, Martha was inspired by postcards and how one singular image of a location can tell you so much about the place. For her, Key West is an amazing canvas all on its own.
Martha Hubbard has been primarily a chef in Key West for over a decade. Living on the island for nearly 15 years has inspired in Martha a love for its rusty fences, old trees, and always different sunrises. She strives to explore and preserve every aspect of our island home. 
Martha is also the Culinary Curator at Isle Cook Key West.

"Silver Lining"

on mat
20"w  x  16"h

"Bottle Beach"

on mat
14"w  x  11"h

"Shhh 2016"

metal and mat
24"w  x  18"h


metal frame
14"w  x  12"h

"Winter at Louie's Backyard"

metal frame
12"w  x 12"h

"Metallica Morning"

metal frame
18"w  x  12"h

"Horizon Spectrum"

on rebar
13"w  x  19"h

"Worn Porch"

on mat
11"w  x  13 7/8"h

"Mallory 2016"

on mat
13"w  x  16"h

"White St Pier"

32"w  x  25"h